Friday, August 17, 2012

There was a dream ...

June 6th 2011 is when it all began .That day i gave my GRE. I was the only one who knows how things were during the build up to the exam and it had absolutely nothing to do with the exam.My emotions,for the first time in my life, was out of my control for personal reasons.There was this fear, of the dream crumbling under the weight of my emotional catharsis at that time.I cant speculate what would have happened if i havent got what i got that day.May be i would have been fine , may be i wouldnt.It was much more than a score for me. My confidence, self belief were at stake ,like never before, that day.That day i saw a phoenix rise from its ashes.That day the dream was resuscitated.

After that everything fell into place, except for some minor obstacles.June 2012 came and i knew that the time has come to take flight and explore the unventured waters of life. Yes i was away from family during my college but i always used to visit them during my mid sem and end sem breaks. I was working at bangalore for the last two and a half years . But it was home away from home since i was staying with my college mates and hyderabad wasnt far away too.But USA will be, inspite of the world becoming a global village and the stuff like video chatting and telephone , it will still take me a complete day to go home. After being through my thick and thin (knowingly and unknowingly) , my roomies were practically my family too.One of my collegemates is at Raleigh and the fact that i will be staying with him for 5-6 months atleast was a consolation.

July 14th was my last day at Bangalore.I had two weeks after that to spend time with family and pack my stuff.My last month at bangalore will always be extra special to me for two reasons. One because of my brother who started working at bangalore and two because of my friends who gave me a great farewell.Being at bangalore for so long and not visiting a pub was the anomaly which i wanted to get rid off. Me and my friends had the plan for the last two weeks. Karaoke Night @Loveshack and Toit was fun and Rasta Cafe on the last night was the icing on the cake.Those two weeks at bangalore were like two days. There was this weird feeling while leaving my friends at bangalore. I didnt know when i will be meeting them again but i knew life would never be the same for us.

The last two weeks at home was busy. Meeting friends and family and packing my bags. Never got a moment to think about what i will be missing. I will miss my dad the most.It took all the strength i had to see him off with a smile on my face at the airport.

After completing the formalities at the university for the past 2-3 days, i now get some time to contemplate my last one year and specifically the last one month.I made new friends and met a lot of new people over here. I left my family and friends back home and came here .Some of them were successful in holding back their tears and some failed to.I sincerely hope that this dream will be worth all that !

                                                                                             Yours retrospectively

                                                    P.S - I miss you all