Sunday, February 13, 2011

Love is not enough or is it???

Every 14th of February they try to sell me in gift wraps , diamond rings , greeting cards ,  red roses and what not. They try in vain to attach a price tag to me ranging from a couple of bucks to whatever you are ready to pay for. For one day they thrust me on every possible billboard you can imagine of ,for one day i am the most bankable superstar to literally every business under the sun and hopefully elsewhere too in the near future. For one day i command more than what Hollywood superstars earn in a decade , for one day i am the most popular celebrity in the world . For one day the color red belongs to me and for one day i feel powerful than god . I can neither be created nor destroyed. I just happen . My name is LOVE and i have a story to tell.

Nobody knows my date of birth and i have no religion.They say i am ubiquitous and yet hard to find .I am more confusing than the most complex of Einstein's theories.As far as i know , i think i was born when Adam set his eyes on Eve or the other way round(How could i know when i was still an unborn!!).From then onwards  i had many brand ambassadors. The Romeo- Juliets , the Devdas-Paros , the Heer-Ranjhas and the Valentines.I come in all forms and sizes. The Mother Theresas , the Buddhas ,Jesus and all such figures advocate me. Everyone craves for me but very few understand me.I have my siblings HAPPINESS and SADNESS . I am always accompanied by atleast one of them.

Were you ever crazy about someone ?Did you ever feel that you had your eyes only for someone?Did you ever continuously wake up to the memory of a person , day in and day out? Did you ever hear your heart beat so loudly that you were afraid that it might as well fall out of your mouth?? Did you ever lose yourself in a mysterious maze in someone's big beautiful eyes ?Did you ever feel at any point in life that you might be the happiest person in the world but someone else has the key to your vault of happiness? Did you ever feel that you are as good an artist as Da Vinci except for the fact that Monalisa is his greatest work of art on canvas but in your case its someone else , on a canvas called 'memory'?Did you ever feel that you were just a hug away from heaven and a kiss away from what lay beyond it? Did something ,someone did ,made you feel special ? . If your answer to some of these questions is a YES , you might not be a stranger to me.Yet , to some of you i am still a familiar stranger.

In my name wars were fought , throats were slit , acids were thrown on innocent faces , people were killed. Such acts of cruelty sullied my reputation upto an extent that i began to wonder whether my immortality is a boon or bane. I had nowhere to hide from the blame heaped on me by those confused and merciless souls.Then i realise , its not my fault if some of you jokers try to hide your unscrupulous acts beneath a mask of me. I am irreproachable and the purest of all emotions.

There was a time when i was thought to be enough , self sufficient. It was so long ago that i only have a distant memory of it. Today i am distressed that someday in the near future i wont even remember if there was  ever such a point in time.You live in a world where i am not enough . Some of you even think that i am not necessary now. For once i fear for my existence. I wonder whether i am really immortal and whether i will be able to stand the test of time. I never was in such a predicament.

Then i stumble upon on something , a truth that will be with me as long as i live . I saw a ray of hope in a person or may be an angel . This guy was in love with a girl and was about to get married to the love of his life. But then fate had a plan of its own. The girl met with an accident leaving her completely paralyzed for the rest of her life . She could not move but can only sense what is going on around her . She cant even to attend to the most personal and mundane tasks in everyday life without someone's help.She cant speak  , is  emaciated owing to treatments and therapy , lost her physical beauty owing to her mental distress and is now just  a shadow of her vibrant youth and the truth stared straight in to his face. She will always be in the same condition until she leaves this world. Her mom is all she had other than him.

The guy ,with no regard to common sense, decides to be with her and attend to her. Its been three years since then and he is still there for her. The only way she can respond now is through her tears and her smile.I can understand her mother being devoted to her for the rest of her life(After all no one can ever be as selfless as a mother to her child) but what reason does this guy have to be with her who is almost dead except for her metabolic activities and tears.He says its love and i being love think its madness.

May be what they say about me is true. May be i am madness.Such a chastening experience revitalised me . I can now be confident about my immortality for atleast a century before the prevailing conditions then will raise the same question again. I have my doubts about the guy being with her for the rest of her life but the three years of his devotion to her till date is enough for me to reinstall my faith in my existence. May be for most of the denizens of this world , i am not necessary. May not be even enough to the lucky few who find me. But there are some people to whom i am sufficient ,to whom i am enough . And this scares me because such people dont care about common sense!!!

                                                                                                         Yours lovingly

P.S : For all the singles out there i hope someday you complete your jigsaw puzzle of love ;) (I hope you dont end up with a tyrannosaurus rex after completing it :D)

FYI : The guy , girl story is not a fictitious one


  1. Nice one, although a bit too emotional to handle :)

  2. Thanks.Yeah i know , it ends like a tamil movie .I atleast didnt kill the heroine :D .

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  4. Nice thought, author playing Mr. love !
    I am always accompanied by atleast one of them (happiness n sadness....) ... its actually both ,most of the time !!! :)

    Good one !

  5. haan its mostly both....but there might be some lucky/unlucky ones who experience only one of them...didnt want to leave them out ;)